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Kingpins names compliant brands

Kingpins will release a list of top 10 most sustainable products found on its show floor. This is because the trade show is often asked by buyers for help find sustainable products. These are products that have truly set themselves apart when it comes to environmental impact. The list for most sustainable products will be completed after each Kingpins Amsterdam show and shared with attendees via a newsletter.

Kingpins prepared one such list and at the top is Advanced Denim’s product, thanks to its impressive resource reduction properties. Artist Fabric Mills guarantees that no virgin cotton is used in the production of its fabric which is made entirely of recycled materials, specifically recycled cotton, polyester and elastane. Orta’s fabric is manufactured from recycled pre-consumer fiber.

Retailers are trying to find more ways to bring sustainable alternatives to the consumer. However, mining sustainable denim fabrics in a sea of blue and sustainable buzzwords is a challenge. Designers and brands are actively searching out sustainable products and trying to determine fact from marketing when making their fabric buys. At the same time, mills and garment makers are making great strides in sustainable production and products and would benefit from increased exposure of their efforts, developments and innovations.