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Luxury fashion responds well to Tencel Luxe eco-botanic lyocell filaments

The luxury apparel sector is giving a tremendous response to Tencel Luxe eco-botanic lyocell filaments launched last year. Tencel Luxe was launched as the business spotted a gap in the market for a product with a similar profile to luxury fibres such as silk and cashmere, albeit without the associated sustainability challenges.

Tencel Luxe eco-botanic lyocell filaments are made from wood pulp of trees like eucalyptus, spruce, pine and birch trees. They use pulp sourced from sustainable wood and are manufactured via a closed-loop lyocell production process, which received the ‘European Award for the Environment’ from the European Union. The process ensures minimal environmental impact due to low process water and energy use, raw materials and chemicals consumption.

Demand for these fibers has been extremely strong with €30 million to be invested in a further pilot line at the company’s Lenzing headquarters in Austria.The market is pushing for further innovation which the brand will drive through new investments.These fibers have also established a price point which luxury brands are receptive to