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Mexico revises labels for textile, apparels

Mexico has revised standards for labeling of textile and apparel products. All apparel, apparel accessories, textile products and home textiles with over 50 per cent textile content must comply with the official Mexican standard for mandatory labeling requirements.

In order to allow manufacturers, importers and marketers adjust their production processes to comply with new requirements, authorities will accept products that are legal before the effective date. The new standard provides generic names and definitions for the most important natural fibers in accordance with the fiber constitution or specific origin. The major change is that generic names must be written without capital letters.

The words lana (wool), and/or pelo (hair), can be now added before the generic name of some animal fibers. Lana may be added before alpaca, angora, cashmere, camel, guanaco, llama, mohair, vicuna, yak, beaver and otter. Pelo may be added before cow, deer, goat, horse, rabbit, hare, nutria, seal, muskrat, reindeer, mink, marten, sable, weasel, bear, ermine and arctic fox.

For apparels and apparel accessories, one or more permanent and legible labels must be attached at the collar, waist or any other visible location with the below labeling information in Spanish or in any other language.


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