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Monfort’s eco innovations a boost for denim manufacturers

Monfort, the number one supplier of finishing ranges to the global denim industry, has come up with the latest Monfort Eco Line. It’s already being used by several leading manufacturers in both Asia and South America. The potential of Industry 4.0, in combination with the drive to reduce waste and minimise raw materials use, has led to some significant new developments by Monforts. The Qualitex 800 control system, along with the Web-UI app, allows remote visualisation of Monforts technologies via smart phones and tablet devices. Qualitex 800 has all the intuitive features operators will be familiar with from touchscreen devices. It makes navigation extremely easy for operators, cutting down the time required for becoming familiar with a new system and allowing complete control of all machine parameters.

Resource efficiency is addressed via the latest technologies such as the company’s Eco Line for denim, based on two key technology advances – Eco Applicator for minimum application of the selected finishing chemicals and ThermoStretch.

As an alternative to conventional padding, especially for wet-in-wet solutions, the Monforts Eco Applicator can significantly reduce the amount of finishing chemicals required prior to the stretching and skewing of the denim fabric. The Eco Applicator significantly reduces energy costs.

The Monforts ThermoStretch unit meanwhile carries out the skewing (weft straightening), stretching and drying in a continuous process. Monforts offers completely integrated coating lines from a single source. Its latest coating heads are being tailored to drying technology for maximum benefits.