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Novozymes awarded for Combi process

The Society of Dyers and Colorists (SDC) has given this year's innovation award to Novozymes for its Combi process. Novozymes is a biotech company with a strong focus on enzyme production. Its bio solutions enable everything from the removal of trans fats in food to advancements in renewable energy sources.

The Combi process is an innovative solution that uses neutral cellulases rather than acidic cellulases, making it possible for textile manufacturers to combine the biopolishing and bleach clean-up process ( the removal of residual hydrogen peroxide) in the dyeing step, and in turn, saving time, energy, water consumption and ultimately costs when compared to traditional processing.

Combi creates better quality and more durable textiles. Through eliminating the formation of fuzz and pills on fabrics during the dyeing process, consumers can keep clothes looking newer for longer after repeated wash and wear. Novozymes’ innovative solutions have helped textile manufacturers create more durable and high quality textiles for over 60 years. With sustainability continuously growing in importance, Novozymes’ effective biosolutions can help manufacturers create exceptional fabrics that stand out while achieving their sustainability goals.

SDC is the world’s leading educational charity dedicated to advancing the science and technology of color worldwide.



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