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Pakistan's mills want incentives

Cotton exporters in Pakistan want incentives from the government so that cotton exports would bring stability in prices and farmers can get a fair return for their produce. They want the government to protect the interest of all stakeholders from farmers to spinners and weavers and allege that farmers are being exploited by monopolists. They warn that Pakistan would have to import raw cotton and cotton yarn to run its textile mills if it did not protect the interest of farmers.

Mills want the Trading Corporation of Pakistan to stabilise prices and save farmers from financial losses. They want a support price for seed cotton. Ginners want a ban on the shift of sugar mills to areas which have been declared as cotton belts. They say, a shift of sugar mills would change cropping patterns and harm cotton growing areas and the textile sector as a whole.

Textile mills and spinners in Pakistan have decided to buy cotton from farmers strictly according to need. Their complaint is that while a country like India gives incentives to cotton growers, ginners, and the textile sector, the government in Pakistan is reluctant to give any incentive to the stakeholders of cotton production.