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Re.VerSo embodies the spirit of Italy

Re.VerSo is a new textile platform that works with textile partners to produce a fully integrated, totally Italy-made textile collection. It presents refined and innovative materials that inspire creativity and infuse technology. Re.VerSo works with its Italian partners, such as Green Line and NuovaFratelliBoretti for the raw material, Mapel for textile fashion, Filpucci for the high-end knitting threads, and Filatura C4 for design contract textiles and for woven fabrics in general. Through these partnerships, Re.VerSo offers smart yarns and fabrics solutions with high aesthetics and quality, collecting, selecting, transforming pre-consumer wool and cashmere.

Re.VerSo represents a system of circular economy, with the addition of a new generation of values and quality. It saves heavily on water use and energy consumption and drastically cut down on carbon dioxide emissions, an artisanal approach that distinguishes the industrial supply chain. Re.VerSo is known for responsible innovation, represents excellence combined with a new vision of smart innovation.

Leftovers can be sourced directly by the Re.VerSo supply chain. Its advanced technology process invites retailers and brands to hand in their pre-consumer wool and cashmere woven and knitted off cuts, transforming them into high-quality yarns and fabrics integrated for a circular economy.