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Recycled waste to produce Ctrl+Z denim fabric


New circular concepts, efficiency-driving technologies and fashion are enticing consumers back to denim the world over. Mills are increasingly using their waste in the production of new fabrics for spring/summer 2024.

Turkish mill Isko has introduced Ctrl+Z, a range of fabrics made entirely from recycled and regenerated fibers. Named after the computer shortcut to undo, the fabrics are constructed with regenerated cellulose fibers and a mix of GRS-certified recycled cotton and recycled polyester. The recycled cotton comes from post-industrial waste or textiles that are discarded in the yarn, fabric, and apparel production process. The fabric constructions look and feel identical to traditionally made denim, despite having no conventional first-generation components.

Ctrl+Z fabrics give the products a longer lifespan. Isko is committed to reducing its use of first-generation conventional materials and the goal is to have all fabrics follow Ctrl+Z’s regenerative and recycled requirements in one year. The mill is currently in the process of procuring waste.

Azgard-9, based in Pakistan, is recycling its waste and using it to produce new fabrics. Whereas the mill’s previous collections had up to 20 percent recycled content in fabric constructions, it now offers up to 40 percent. By adding no new dye, the fabrics have zero liquid discharge.


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