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Santoni’s introduces new seamless circular knitting machines

Italy-based textile machinery company Santoni has come up with seamless circular knitting machines, together with sock knitting machines, large diameter fabric knitting machines, and process finishing technology. Added to these are the brand new, patented X Machine and XT Machine with their ingenious intarsia technology, a new automatic finishing system for seamless boxers, and the innovative K Fabric Project that introduces a completely new type of knitted textile process. The TC Cut machine is a round-shape toe closer with an integrated slitting device to prepare stockings for manual assembly.

Santoni was founded in 1919 as a socks machine manufacturer. It is now a leader in the production of electronic machines for garments without seams and caters to manufacturers of underwear, sportswear, beachwear, medical wear, denim wear, smart textiles, socks and footwear.

Mec-Mor machines are equipped with needle-shifting movement of the needle beds. This technology enables the production of weft double-face knitted garments with high quality designs and record production times. It is also used to produce accessories, such as 3D backpacks, where various yarns can be knitted into ad-hoc positioned areas, in order to obtain a seamless structure that guarantees superior product performance. The SM8-TOP2V cut and sew machine applies a gusset into each boxer with a four-needle sewing head, completing the whole process automatically and offering the finished boxer ready for the final packing stage.