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Seventy per cent textile products exported aborad: Business Turkmenistan


A report by Business Turkmenistan states, the country presently exports more than 70 per cent of its textile products to foreign markets. The Ministry of Textile Industry of Turkmenistan operates more than 70 enterprises, including for the production of various types of cotton and mixed yarns, fabrics, jeans, knitted fabrics, and finished products from these fabrics.

The companies have installed equipment from companies of Japan, Italy, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland. The operation of several large textile industries within the framework of the "raw materials - finished products" principle has shown that this method is more effective, the report said.

The Ashgabat Textile Complex (ADT), which is one of largest enterprises in the Central Asian region of its kind, fully supplies the country's domestic markets, producing a variety of export-oriented products. The distinguishing feature of the products manufactured by enterprise is that no chemical additives are used in the dye or softening agent. The complex exports its products with the trademarks ADT, Goza and Vada. At the beginning of the year, the tailors also started decorating their products with the symbol ‘Turkmenistan – Home of Neutrality.’