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SM Denim Mills bags two new patents for sustainability and innovation


Leading Pakistani denim mill, SM Denim Mills has been awarded with two new patents for its sustainability and innovation.

The first of these is for the revolutionary textile dyeing methodIndiCan that dramatically reduces water and energy consumption. Utlisingcatonic and anionic polymersiation techniques to enhance dye fixation, improve colorfastness and save water upto 71.9 per cent, IndiCan marks a paradigm shift in the dyeing of cotton yarn fibers. The process also reduces energy consumption by approximately 70 per cent.

IndiCan employs ‘super green compounds’ to prepare cotton fibers for superior dye absorption, ensuring long-lasting color retention and minimal color bleeding. A protective secondary coat enhances the durability and resistance of dyed fibers to wash-off and fading.

According to SM Denim Mills, this patent is a significant sustainable milestone for the Karachi-based mill as the IndiCan process not only revolutionises textile dyeing but also aligns with the company goal to reduce environmental impact, says Asif Merchant, CEO, SM Denim Mills.

The second patent awarded to SM Denim Mills is for an innovative method to create abstract patterns in woven fabrics. This process employs air jet looms with a newly invented shedding mechanism to produce intricate patterns akin to dobby structures. This technology enables SM Denim to offer clients a greater variety of patterns and improved fabric quality. The resulting fabrics boast superior softness and stretchability, and the method enhances production efficiency by reducing setup time.

Expressing his excitement over the patent, Merchant says, it will enable the company to offer clients fabrics with unmatched quality and distinctiveness.


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