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Spun yarn exports from India decline in October

Spun yarn exports from India witnessed a decline in October 2015 to just 4.1 per cent in volume terms and 9.5 per cent in value terms. Spun yarn (all kinds) shipments were at 112 million kg worth $310 million or Rs 2,007 crores, implying per unit realisation of $2.78 per kg. This was four cents down from previous month and 41cents down from October 2014. It was also the lowest since February 2015.

China continued to be the largest importer of yarn from India, although average unit value realisation continued to decline settling in the range of $2.78-2.82 per kg on an average. During October, 83 countries imported spun yarn from India, with China accounting for 32 per cent of the total value with imports rising 8 per cent in terms of volume, while declining 6 per cent in value year-on-year. In September, it had clocked a growth of 30 per cent in volume and 13 per cent in value. Bangladesh, the second largest importer of spun yarn, accounted for around 17 per cent of all spun yarn exported from India. However, export to Bangladesh increased 33 per cent in volumes and 17 per cent in value.

Egypt, the third largest importer of spun yarns, saw volume rising 1.1 per cent whereas value was down 14.6 per cent. These three top importers together accounted for close to 55 per cent of all spun yarn exported from India in October. Cotton yarn export was at 91 million kgs in October with 73 countries importing yarn worth $253 million or Rs 1,635 crores in October 2015. The average unit price realisation was at $2.77 a kg, five cents down from previous month and 45 cents down from the same month a year ago. China was the largest importer of cotton yarn from India in October, followed by Bangladesh and Egypt. The top three together accounted for more than 62 per cent of cotton yarn with combined volume at 59 million kg worth $156 million. Their respective unit price realization was $ 2.47 a kg, $3.02 a kg and $2.70 a kg.

Japan, Colombia, Malaysia, Argentina and Bahrain were among the fastest growing markets for cotton yarn, and accounted for 5 per cent of total cotton yarn export value. Eight new destinations were added for cotton yarn export, of which, Honduras, Cambodia, Romania, Saudi Arabia and Estonia were the major ones.

Combed cotton yarn accounted for over 63 per cent of cotton yarn exported in October with volumes at 52 million kgs worth $160 million. Carded yarn export was at 31 million kg. Their respective unit value realisation was $3.09 per kg and $2.41 per kg. Open ended yarn export was at 6.2 million kg at an average price of $1.74 a kg.