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Sub-Saharan apparel exports surge during Jan-April 2020: OTEXA


According to OTEXA, the Sub-Saharan region has seen an increase in its apparel exports to USA during Jan.-Apr. 2020 period both in volumes and values, according to OTEXA.

The region shipped 126.59 million SME of apparels to the US worth $462 million and noted a surge of 10 per cent and 6.10 per cent in volumes and values, respectively.

The growth of Sub-Saharan region has come at a time when OECD, NAFTA and ASEAN all fell in their value-wise apparel exports to USA in the same period by 23.37 per cent, 29.21 per cent and 1.92 per cent, respectively.

Kenya remained the top exporter to USA from Sub-Sahara with $153.36 million worth of exports, marking 11.82 per cent growth on Y-o-Y basis. Volume-wise, Kenya marked 6.20 per cent growth and shipped 40.13 million SME of apparels to the US in the mentioned period.

USA, however, fell in its import from second top African destination Lesotho by 2.68 per cent in values. The shipment from Lesotho to the US valued $90 million in the first 4 months.

Madagascar witnessed growth in both values and volumes by 9 per cent and 13.92 per cent, respectively. The country shipped 21.69 million SME apparels to USA in Jan.-Apr. ’20 period which were worth US $ 81.52 million.

The most impacted destination proved to be Mauritius which drastically fell both in volumes and values of its apparel exports to USA this year. The country shipped 4.68 million SME of apparels (down 30.88 per cent) to USA clocking at US $ 35.49 million which is a whopping 30 per cent fall from a year earlier.


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