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Switzerland’s zip brand Riri’s high fashion collections come in eclectic colors

Riri, based in Switzerland, makes zippers and buttons for the high-fashion, outdoor and denim markets. The collection is characterized by sophisticated and eclectic colors made of enigmatic violets and carefully reinforced reds disrupted by flashes of acid green and blue, but also by natural materials, evocative paints and original and innovative shapes.

Historical and elegant die-cast zinc zippers are back. The use of paints on pullers makes for an illusionary art where the borders between being and appearing are fuzzy. The painting with rubber effect, both shiny and matte, is complemented by processing with a velvet, leather and rust touch effect. Alongside historical and elegant zippers with zinc teeth die-cast directly on the tape are zippers with acetal resin teeth made with an injection process and spiral zippers ideal for apparel and leather goods.

Natural materials like olive wood, leather and real horn decorate buttons and pullers. The metal zip appears in three galvanic finishings, amber gold, clear gold and deep-colored aged gold. The Eloxal Monocolore is the traditional lightweight zip with aluminium teeth which can be colored using a new anodizing process which results in a bright and uniform color. Riri’s pullers are actual sliders characterised by a unique and refined design.