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Syrians to exhibit in Iran

Syrian exporters are looking at Iran with interest. They will market their products in Iran by hosting a number of exhibitions. To start with there will be an exhibition of textile products in September. Scores of Syrian companies will take part in the exhibition and showcase their products of clothing. The exhibition will be one of the largest and the most important Syrian textile exhibitions to be held abroad.

Iran is an important market for the Syrian textile industry which has witnessed a recovery during the past couple of years. A free trade agreement between the two countries allows goods to be exchanged with competitive tariffs that do not exceed four per cent. A center for Syrian exports has been opened in Tehran where specialized work teams are tasked with advertising and promoting Syrian products.

Syria has entered into a new phase of trade and investment cooperation with countries, particularly Iran. Syria has export potential in a significant number of agricultural and industrial sectors.

Iran’s high levels of security, diverse economy and educated workforce could make it a new conduit in a crisis-hit region. Its location allows access to Arab states in the south and west, central Asia in the north, and Afghanistan and Pakistan in the east.