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Three industry partners jointly launch Danufil Proshade

A cooperation between the three industry partners Kelheim Fibres, Linz Textil and DyStar has led to a development of an innovative new viscose melange yarn named Danufil Proshade.

Danufil Proshade has a blend of standard viscose fibres and Kelheim’s speciality viscose fibre Danufil Deep Dye and is only dyed as needed at a later stage in the process, which is new, as usually, a melange yarn is spun out of differently coloured fibres. Particular properties of the fibre make this possible. There’s a substantially higher dye-absorption capacity than standard viscose fibres due to this speciality fibre’s permanent cationic charge.

A selected range of Levafix and Remazol dyes allows a salt-free dyeing process. The environment benefits as because of shorter dyeing cycles it is possible to save up to 30 per cent water and energy, at the same time increasing productivity–a time saving of up to 40 per cent.

Also, numerous tests have proved excellent reproducibility, levelness, and a high level of light-fastness and fastness to washing. Besides, a comprehensive customer support is offered, which includes, support in developing dye recipes that ensure optimum results. Moreover, Danufil ProShade can replace a stock of differently dyed yarns or fabrics, thus reducing significantly the amount of capital required.

A fast and flexible reaction to orders and production on demand, even of small melange lots is possible as the subsequent dyeing can be done in thousands of different melange tones according to the customer’s specific needs.

High-quality dyes and customer-oriented support from DyStar together with Kelheim Fibres’ expertise in the manufacturing of viscose speciality fibres, know-how and innovative spinning technology from Linz Textil make an innovative product, which delivers a higher level of efficiency and a better ecological performance in melange production.