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Turkey targets $500 billion textile exports by 2023

Turkey plans to achieve textiles exports worth $500billion by 2023. As a part of this plan, the country is seeking to make a number of investments and improvements in the sector. The government plans to add 13,000 km roads as well as 12,000 km new railways to allow easier shipping. It also plans to increase the number of logistics centers from 8 to 21 over the same period. This will help maximise the rate at which goods can be exported to the EU as a way to try and mitigate higher labor costs.

Another way Turkey plans to increase export value is by increasing the amount of specialised materials that the country is able to produce, along with raising the general quality of all textile goods. The government has put forth economic incentives to encourage research and development through grants and subsidies, aiming to of spend 1.8 per cent of the GDP on R&D by 2018 and to 3 per cent by 2023.

The government also plans to decrease the number of unofficial employees in the economy. This will be achieved by focusing on female employees in the garment industry who largely work as sub-contractors or out of the home. A framework has been laid out to increase the number of part-time positions, traineeships, and daycare centers that would allow for greater flexibility.