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Turkish company Sasa invests in polyester

Sasa, based in Turkey, is investing heavily in polyester and petrochemicals.

The polyester investment would mean enhanced production of polyester chips, fibers and filaments. Once the investment has been completed, Turkey is expected to move from a net importer of polyester to a net exporter. With the investment in the petrochemical field, Sasa will produce PTA (Pure Teraphthalic Acid) and MEG (Ethylene Glycol) which are its raw materials to meet its own needs. The rest will be sold.

Sasa is one of the world's leading producers of polyester fibers, filaments, polyester-based polymers, intermediates and specialty products.

The two projects are expected to reduce the current account deficit to about 3.8 billion dollars. With these investments, seven thousand additional jobs will be provided and the total production of Sasa will increase to about ten million tons.

Sasa began its activities in the polyester sector in 1966. It has a robust technical infrastructure. It also has its own raw material production plant. In 2000, it strengthened its leading position in the sector by establishing a joint venture with Dupont, the leading global chemical company of the world.

The company has been one of the pioneer corporations in its field, demonstrating rapid growth thanks to the incessant investments.