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UK-based garment maker Teemill shuns plastic

Teemill is a garment production company which uses certified organic cotton and plastic-free packaging. Teemill uses renewable energy throughout the supply chain and makes new T-shirts out of old ones. The cotton used is grown in northern India, where co-planting and insect-traps take the place of harmful fertilisers and pesticides. The water for the cotton comes from local reservoirs filled throughout the monsoon season, and the farmers are given a guaranteed price for their produce. In the renewable energy-run factory, water - usually a major effluent in the fashion business - is filtered and cleaned in order to be used again, while any excess cotton material is re-manufactured to be used for new products so nothing goes to waste. Even the packaging for the tee is 100 per cent biodegradable. from and lives in Garstang. A circular production model has been implemented in the latest collection.

From hummingbirds, deer, and polar bears to cassette tapes, Mt. Fuji, and dream-catchers, the designs are bold and intricate, often featuring motifs promoting veganism and environmentalism.

The fashion industry creates more CO2 than aviation and shipping combined. It's also directly responsible for 35 per cent of the microplastics found in the ocean, and is built on cheap labor and a deeply ugly throwaway culture.