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Under Armour to create 3D avatars to standardize sizing

Under Armour has joined Alvanon to create a fleet of 3D avatars to digitize and standardize sizing in the fashion world. They will use the avatars to replicate UA’s proprietary fits, while fleshing out a complete spectrum of real bodies from infant size 0 to men’s 5XL. The project will allow brands to create products with improved sizing and standardization, increasing fit accuracy—ultimately decreasing sizing fears among consumers, especially those who buy online.

Under Armour turned to the technology to reduce the time and cost of product development and to decrease the number of physical samples made during the creative process. Under Armour has been using 3-D in its core size for some time and this was the next progression to develop a full-size range and make sure everyone in the market was fitted exceptionally well. Under Armour has already partnered on Alvanon’s Body Platform project—an ongoing effort to encourage brands and retailers to share their 3-D fit and core body standards with supply chain partners.

Alvanon has worked with brands to create a library of virtual bodies, each representing a specific brand’s fit standards. As much as 30 per cent of all returns are based on poor fit.