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US apparel imports from China inch up

For the first eight months of the year, US apparel imports from China were up 1.99 per cent year to year. US’ imports from across the world increased 5.76 per cent for the year to date though August. In the month, apparel imports rose just 0.15 per cent compared to July as imports patterns have been disrupted by companies looking to get goods in ahead of anticipated tariffs as trade wars simmer on multiple fronts. The increase reflected a gain in the goods deficit and a decrease in the services surplus. The largest trade deficits were recorded with China and the European Union.

US apparel imports from Vietnam were up 12.14 per cent. Bangladesh’s shipments rose 11.81 per cent in the period. Imports from India increased 8.19 per cent. Cambodia’s shipments were up 8.58 per cent Pakistan’s gained 8.56 per cent. Apparel imports from Honduras gained 11.91 per cent. Shipments from Nicaragua were up 12.7 per cent. Shipments from Haiti increased 16.09 per cent and those from Peru rose 7.76 per cent. Imports from Egypt rose 17.72 per cent. Those from Kenya were up 23.69 per cent. Madagascar was up 24.48 per cent and Ethiopia was up 90.98 per cent.