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US denim customers prefer comfort over cost and style”, says research

A recent research from ‘YouGov Omnibu’ indicates that 46 percent of U.S. consumers prefer comfort over style and cost when buying a pair of jeans. Around 56 percent of Americans have at least one pair of jeans that no longer fit. While one in 10 consumers reported having just one pair of non-fitting jeans in their closet, while 17 percent reported owning two pairs that don’t fit.

Meanwhile, 8 percent said they have six or more pairs of jeans in their closet that don’t fit them. According to the report, around 46 per cent of women, despite services like personal shopping and fit guides and wider availability to brands with inclusive sizing, do not know their size when they step into a store. As against this, only 24 percent of the men do not know their sizes.

Of the women surveyed, 63 percent are not confident about finding the right size when shopping at an online retailer for the first time, compared to 43 percent of men. Around 81 percent of Americans are “very” or “somewhat” confident that they will know the clothing size that will fit them best from somewhere they’ve shopped before.