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US January denim imports up three per cent

US denim apparel imports from around the world rose 3.12 per cent in January 2019 compared to a year earlier. Denim apparel imports from Vietnam increased 23.13 per cent in the month while denim apparel imports from China fell 1.9 per cent. Vietnam’s gains are generally seen as taking a bite out of China’s pie. More specialized manufacturing needed to make jeans compared to more basic apparel has companies taking a longer view of the risks of committing to China sourcing as trade tensions and cost increases hover above the country.

Jeans imports from Bangladesh fell 7.97 per cent. Pakistan’s shipments were down 20.3 per cent. US jeans imports from Cambodia decreased 13.46 per cent. But denim apparel imports from Indonesia rose 35.72 per cent. Sri Lanka’s shipments were up 8.15 per cent and imports from India rose 65.28 per cent. US jeans imports from Egypt rose 16.11 per cent. Jordan more than doubled its shipments on a year-to-year basis. Denim apparel imports from the western hemisphere increased 9.78 per cent in January. Imports from Mexico rose 11.52 per cent. In addition to Mexico, Nicaragua led the way with a 17.1 per cent gain and Guatemala nearly doubled its shipments from a year earlier.