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With demand growing for sustainability, prices of products to dip

The global market is increasingly being saturated with misleading messages about sustainability. It is becoming increasingly difficult to cut through the noise. It’s pressuring companies to create fabricated messaging. And it’s not just mills feeling the effects. Some customers are in a holding pattern and are opting to stick with what has historically worked than experiment with sustainable alternatives.

While many companies want to be sustainable, getting to that point is an investment. Different brands have different needs and price is most commonly the top priority, as many consumers want inexpensive clothing. There’s an altruistic part of the business that works on ideals but at the end of the day customers need products that fit in with their budgets. In order for sustainability to be more accessible, demand for alternative products needs to increase. And that responsibility falls on the shoulder of the customer. There needs to be a level of demand for sustainability. As more customers ask for a sustainable products, prices will go down. Though it’s a simple concept, it’s also a long game. It needs to start with denim leaders and famous brands who are able to place large orders. And then everyone needs to get on board.