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WTMC event in Shaoxing, China to look at latest trends in textile sector

World Textile Merchandising Conference (WTMC) will be held in China, September 20 to 21. It will explore latest changes and trends in the textile industry and seek to build a cooperation system throughout the industrial chain, therefore promoting high-quality development.

The event will explore new patterns of globalisation and transformation of the textile industry. Firms, fashion institutions, industry associations and design institutes from more than 20 countries will participate in the event. The conference will discuss the status quo and future of the world’s textile industry and promote the cooperation in the textile industry chain under the China’s Belt and Road initiative.

China’s textile industry has to strengthen international cooperation, actively promote cross-border flows of resources such as products, production capacity, technology, capital, and talents, strengthen product innovation and advance industrial intelligence and service transformation.

The textile industry is facing changes. Therefore, it is necessary to coordinate and promote the localization and globalization of the industry, increase openness and cooperation in building innovation capacity, advance cross-border flows of such resources as products, productivity, technology, capital, and talents, and fully integrate and utilize global resources to achieve coordinated development.