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Alibaba helps factories upgrade

Alibaba will partner 200 garment factories in China. The tie-up will assist garment factories to monitor their production data through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Cameras will be installed for data collection. A retail management platform belonging to Alibaba will synchronize the production process through computer vision algorithms.

Each implementation takes approximately two days since no personnel training is involved in the installing and commissioning. The process of digital transformation includes the installation and repeated debugging of 20 cameras, hardware, fiber-optic networks and other equipment.

In this technology revamping process, factories’ scheduling performance has increased six per cent and delivery cycles have become ten per cent shorter. The retail management platform has also introduced an instant messaging platform to synchronize real-time information to all the factories involved in the project. The messaging platform will notify the progress of an order to everyone and a robot will text the responsible person if something goes wrong.

Alibaba is looking to help manufacturing companies innovate and upgrade. The current manufacturer-oriented industry will transition to a new era led by customers, where small- and medium-sized enterprises can benefit the most. So far some 20 factories have undergone technology revamping.

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