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Assam holds Silk Mark Expo

Silk Mark Expo was held in Assam from September 15 to 19. This is a platform to popularise Silk Mark labels and provide valuable linkages to stakeholders in the silk industry. The aim was to encourage entrepreneurs to start their own silk businesses.

The platform showcased premium silk products by 36 Silk Mark members cum authorised users of the Silk Mark labels such as weavers, manufacturers, NGOs, prominent silk dealers, exporters and government supported agencies from all over the country.

The expo gave silk loving connoisseurs a chance to pick pure silk products and know more about silk. Muga, eri, tasar and mulberry products were showcased to generate awareness about the new possibilities of silk products to be developed. Silk testing facilities were also extended to facilitate consumers confirm the purity of products and reaffirm their faith in Silk Mark.

Silk Mark is an initiative of the Silk Mark Organisation of India to protect the interest of sericulture farmers and consumers by safeguarding the purity of silk in the products. There are more than 3540 authorised users of Silk Mark and over 2.8 lakh Silk Mark labeled products in the market. The expo was organised by Silk Mark Organization of India and Central Silk Board.