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Baba Textile Machinery Pvt Ltd Rakhi Parasurampuria Director

Rakhi Parasurampuria, Director, Baba Textile Machinery Pvt Ltd. speaks to fashionatingWorld in an exclusive interview.

What machines do you have showcased here? Rakhi explains, “Some of our machines on display are embroidery, laser cutting and mix. Innovation is our password, we keep innovating on our machinery along with introducing new technologies in every fair we participate in.”

What is the USP of your brand? “It’s all about our product. Our USP is that we are better in every respect when compared with other players in the market. Our products are quality-oriented, cost effective and we provide a warranty.

“Our job does not end post selling the machine. Another plus point is our after sales service and this aspect makes us stand out from the crowd. We are known for service we provide to our clients when needed.

“We have been in the market for 15 years now and we are growing strength by strength just because we don’t leave any stone unturned as far as customer’s satisfaction is concerned. There is a department for each of the vertical we handle. Let me repeat, we never compromise on service, no matter how much it costs us.”

Discussing the brands forte, “Embroidery machinery is our forte,” Rakhi gushes, “we sell most of the machines in this segment. We have machinery set ups in cities including in Banaras, Ahmedabad and Bangalore.”

Imported or indigenous? “We import all our machinery from China. We do not have any manufacturing in the country because it is not possible manufacture the kind of machinery that we get currently import. We are constantly adding new products and machinery to our portfolio.” What is your take on the competition? “Initially when we started it was difficult, but today we well settled in the market. Competition has always been there and will always be there in future too. The only difference is earlier we would feel threatened by our competitors, are out of our space.”

Where are you present, “We are well established in the Northern and Eastern regions of India. We have offices in Kolkata, Delhi and Ahemdabad too. Recently we opened an office in Jaipur.”

Demand scenario “The market is back on track. It’s comparatively better than it was a year ago when it was tough times. But now all is settled.”

What is the government’s involvement? “The steps that the government is taking is appreciable. We faced issues with reforms but the economy is getting streamlined day by day. It is expected to get better in the long term.”

What is your take on GTE? Rakhi shares his view, “This is the third day of the GTE fair and overall it has been good. Yesterday has been comparatively low in terms of footfall, but today, attendance is significant and is increasing with every passing day. “We hope for more footfall tomorrow as it is the last day of the fair. GTE has really been very productive as far as our business is concerned and there is no doubt it could have been the same for other participants too. This is the platform that helps in many ways, right from building new relations to getting acquainted with new technology, he adds.