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Eleven countries urge EU for strategy to curb waste in textiles


In a joint paper sent last week, eleven European countries—Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Sweden—urged the European Commission to formulate a strategy to implement ambitious measures to crack down on waste in the textiles industry.

The countries urged the commission to introduce an ambitious and comprehensive strategy covering the entire value chain.

They said, this will help Europe achieve its climate ambitions and make its textile industry more competitive and sustainable.

Annually, European citizens consume 26 kg of textiles, out of which 11 kg are discarded due to ‘fast fashion’ trends. The strategy will make sustainable textiles the norm and open the way to a cleaner and healthy future.

The joint paper was proposed after the Netherlands invited EU countries in June to discuss sustainability in textiles. It was sent to European Commission leaders, including Environment Commissioner VirginijusSinkevicius and EU Climate Chief FransTimmermans. The letter called for clear, ambitious targets for textile collection, reuse, and recycling.

The countries urged the Commission to explore materials having textile-to-textile recycled content requirements, which would boost recycling rates. They also called for more research in decipher ways to encourage the longer use of clothes and prevent the destruction of unsold garments, which some shops end up doing.

The signatories also urged for a mandatory label to curb Greenwashing amongst brands.