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Faibrics converts carbon emission into polyester


Faibrics is developing a technology to convert CO2 emissions into high value polyester through a circular manufacturing approach.

By using CO2 emissions instead of fossil resources to manufacture polyester, Fairbrics, based in France, addresses one of the greatest global challenges –greenhouse gas emissions. This technology has the potential to provide highly polluting industries like textiles with an alternate environment-friendly and economically viable solution.

Fairbrics will initially address the fashion industry and has already secured strategic partnerships with major brands such as H&M, On-Running and Aigle. It intends to progressively diversify its technology platform with solutions addressing other sectors such as sports equipment, packaging and automotive.

European textile units are bound by new norms. Some 300 textile industry and 3,000 chemical plants in the European Union will have to comply with new legal normsto reduce their environmental impact.In the case of the textile sector, the environmental legislative changes concern in particular the wet processing of textiles, which include treatments such as bleaching, dyeing, or finishing treatment to give specific properties to the textile, like water repellence.

The new norm is part of the EU strategy for sustainable and circular textiles which aims to create a greener, more competitive textiles sector.


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