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Germany’s Mahlo sets standards in textile production and finishing

Mahlo is known for its automatic straightening technology. This is the principle of detecting and automatically correcting distortions in the fabric by means of scanning. The scanning system detects and analyses the angle position of the weft threads, courses or rows of tufting. An intelligent control algorithm with a self-optimisation function, together with the hydraulic or electric roller positioning adapted to it, ensures that all web distortions are reliably removed.

Scanning and distortion correction of patterned products (lace, jacquard, print, terry cloth) is also possible. Mahlo, based in Germany, has paired over 70 years of experience with state-of-the-art technology and set standards in textile production and finishing.

The Generation 15 machine features cross-platform visualisation. The user interface can be adapted to the individual requirements of the operating personnel with just a few clicks. A large number of operating pages can be individually defined and provide the operating personnel with a complete overview of all the process parameters without having to constantly scroll through the menus. Visualisation can also be used as an information centre to visualise and monitor several Mahlo devices. The data generated is stored in databases and can be summarised in adapted protocols and output via suitable interfaces.