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Karl Mayerwins German sustainability award for indigo dyeing innovation


Karl Mayer Group, a leader in textile machinery, has been honored with the German Award for Sustainability Projects 2024 in the "Production" category. The accolade, awarded by the German Institute for Service Quality, DUP Entrepreneur Magazine, and news channel ntv, was presented on June 11 at the Bertelsmann Representative Office in Berlin.

The jury, including former Minister of Justice and Economics Brigitte Zypris, selected Karl Mayer from 70 companies out of 342 nominations for its Bluedye technology.

Bluedye revolutionizes denim production by significantly reducing water and chemical use. Traditional indigo dyeing processes consume vast amounts of resources and emit pollutants. In contrast, Bluedye’s nitrogen-based technology cuts water and chemical usage by at least 50 per cent and 60 per cent, respectively, reducing operating costs by up to 20 per cent.

This innovation supports four of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, addressing clean water (Goal 6), sustainable production (Goal 12), improved working conditions (Goal 8), and fostering innovation (Goal 9).

Arno Gartner, CEO of Karl Mayer, highlighted how their technology reduces environmental impact and lowers costs, enabling sustainable jeans production for clients. Bluedye maintains high color quality in denim while significantly cutting resource consumption.

Bluedye has demonstrated its effectiveness through comparative measurements in field tests, proving its economic and environmental advantages. Companies can test this innovative technology at Karl Mayer's denim center of excellence. This award underscores Karl Mayer's commitment to leading the industry towards more sustainable and efficient production practices.


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