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Kenya works on revival of textile sector

The Kenyan government has taken up the task to revive its textile and leather sectors. It is working to lower the costs of locally produced goods that compete with imported goods. The aim is improve efficiency in manufacturing companies in order to boost trade in the country. Delays caused by congestion at ports and poor road conditions have been blamed for cancelled orders from apparel buyers. The government has decided to provide assistance to the textile industry by bringing down the cost of production, lowering the cost of power, improving the quality of roads to ensure market accessibility and improving value addition of raw products.

It would also work on issues like influx of cheap imports from Asia which pose unfair competition to local producers, imports of secondhand garments, delays in sourcing of raw material. Demand for leather in Kenya is a high 28 million units annually, but since production is heavily reliant on imported supplies, the current local supply is less than four million units annually.

Kenya has ideal production zones for quality leather. Since the global leather demand is now $60 billion, it can work towards grabbing a share of the cake.