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Lenzing expands tencel capacity

Lenzing is expanding production capacities of Tencel fibers. New types of Tencel premium fibers such as the Refibra fiber are made using cotton scraps from the manufacturing of cotton garments and wood as raw materials. This fiber contributes to the circular economy.

Lenzing is an Austria-based manufacturer of textile and nonwovens cellulose fibers such as modal and lyocell. This investment will increase the annual production capacities for fibers by about 25,000 tons. Lenzing put its first industrial-scale lyocell fiber production facility into operation 20 years ago. Today the fibers are sold under the Tencel brand name.

Tencel fibers are being produced in Austria, US and UK. The lyocell technology is characterised by a good environmental performance. Cellulose fibers are derived from the renewable raw material wood in a closed-loop process, resulting in a minimal amount of environmentally harmful emissions.

Due to their outstanding properties, Tencel fibers boast a particularly broad range of applications, both in the world of fashion, as well as technical areas and nonwovens. Lenzing’s aims is to earn 50 per cent of its revenue from specialty fibers by 2020. The company has a focus on profitable growth based on environmentally friendly specialty fibers. The company produces 9,65,000 tons of fiber for the global textile and nonwoven markets.