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Loalde transfers production base to Cebu

Clothing brand Loalde has transferred the bulk of its production to Cebu from Hong Kong and China to improve retail production operations. Chris P Aldeguer, Group President of Loalde says the company has been in the process of shifting operations over the last 10 years from 30 per cent local production to 70 per cent. Earlier, Loalde's Hong Kong and China production was at 70 per cent, whereas Cebu's production was only 30 per cent.


Aldeguer points out that increasing local production would increase the company’s turnover and lead to less shipping costs, and simpler and higher quality along with creating employment opportunities for the local community.

Loalde has been in the retail industry for the last 37 years. With the shift in production, it can now deliver 1,500 styles per year or 150,000 pieces, unlike when production was based in Hong Kong and China, where they could only deliver 750 styles a year. The higher local production would also enable the company to quickly respond to the needs of customers. Loalde, in the past, posted high sales growth -- between 15 and 18 per cent in 2010. However in the next three years, it slowed down owing to rising competition.


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