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SedoTreepoint upgrades Kudu Knit Process’ fabric dyeing plant in Ludhiana


SedoTreepoint has successfully upgraded the manufacturing capabilities and digital integration of the fabric dyeing plant of Kudu Knit Process their fabric dyeing plant in Ludhiana, India.

Marking a significant step in the company’s digital advancement, the plant was upgraded with SedoMaster and ColorMaster. The installation of SedoMat 8015 controllers and the integration with SedoMaster’s central manufacturing execution system allowed Kudu to establish an automatic dispensing unit, thereby expanding their factory operations in Ludhiana. This upgrade supports Kudu in efficiently producing a diverse range of fabrics, including cotton, polyester, and viscose blends, while meeting strict timelines.

The integration of SedoMaster and ColorMaster not only boosts Kudu’s production capabilities but also highlights their dedication to innovation and efficiency in textile manufacturing.”

Additionally, the implementation of ColorMaster ensures precise color management and optimal production recipes, improving quality and cost-effectiveness across Kudu’s manufacturing operations. As Kudu continues to incorporate more ERP functionalities and adopts SedoApp for workflow enhancements, their digital transformation journey with SedoTreepoint is set to achieve further optimisations and operational efficiencies.


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