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The Lycra Company develops FitSense Denim as a new evolution in stretch technology


To overcome issues faced while creating jeans that truly fit and flatter the broad spectrum of body sizes and shapes, The Lycra Company has developed FitSense Denim, a solution that creates jeans with shaping benefits.

Created in partnership with the China-based Advance Denim and Crystal Apparel, the new Lycra Fitsense Denim is the next evolution in stretch technology. It allows designers to customise the level of stretch in targeted areas of the denim garment for enhanced comfort, shaping and support. Designed with a patented LYCRA dual-core yarn structure, this technology is combined with thermo-responsive fiber, woven into the fabric by Advance Denim.

The revolutionary targeted stretch technology enables denim designers to create the right fit for consumers supporting their specific body parts like the tummy, thigh, bum, leg and waist, says Mark Ix, Director – Marketing, North America, Advance Denim.

Discreet and invisible on the fabric and the garment, this fiber-to-garment denim solution offers endless design opportunities for brands and designers.”

The jeans are being further activated with customised fit patterns on targeted areas by Crystal Apparel. Combining fiber, fabric and a garment processing technology, this approach offers a customisable fit and shaping solution to denim.

A leader in the denim industry, Advance Denim has been pushing the boundaries of innovation since 1987. The company blends tradition with cutting-edge technology to revolutionise sustainable and performance-driven denim.

Since its inception, Advance Denim has saved upto 94 per cent of the water needed in traditional dyeing by advancing sustainable manufacturing methods including BigBox Denim and BioBlue indigo which dye indigo in one big box. Performance innovations such as Freecross Bi-Stretch technology stretch denim in both the warp and weft yarns,help the company provide stretch and recovery while maintaining a vintage look. Advancing Denim further builds on its foundation of innovation through this latest Lycra FitSense® Denim technology.


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