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US denim imports declines in 2019

US denim apparel imports fell by 3.16 per cent in 2019. Mexico’s denim shipments to the US fell 1.84 per cent and China’s fell 25.68 per cent. Mexico and China are the top two denim apparel exporters to the US. Bangladesh’s denim shipments grew 3.50 per cent. Vietnam’s denim shipments grew 25.60 per cent. India’s denim shipments grew by 21.80 per cent. Ethiopia saw a massive growth of 464.76 per cent in its shipments. Ethiopia is an emerging manufacturing hub. Denim imports from Pakistan rose 8.69 per cent in volume while increasing 5.13 per cent in value. Imports from Egypt rose 12.7 per cent in value and increased 8.96 per cent in volume. Denim imports from Nicaragua were up 16.91 per cent in value terms while volume was down 3.73 per cent. And denim imports from Cambodia increased 11.8 per cent in value as volume decreased 0.49 per cent in the year.

The balance of power in denim manufacturing took a dramatic turn in 2019, leading to a decline in volume and value for the top three suppliers–China, Mexico and Bangladesh – and strong upswings for the next three – Vietnam, Pakistan and Egypt. American imports of denim apparels constitute blue denim jeans, blue skirts and blue denim jackets.