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Vietnam garment workers get better deal

The garment and textile industry in Vietnam has begun understanding the needs and concerns of its workers. The industry is investing significantly in improving the welfare of workers so as to develop and sustain a productive and quality workforce. This covers safety of workers, food and transportation and providing minimum wages.

While some companies endorse the concept of zero overtime to ensure that all workers go back home on time, others ensure workers earn well through overtime. The objective in both cases is to provide a better life to garment workers. However, zero overtime can be achieved only with good planning and if factories are well organized.

Social insurance is being worked upon seriously by companies. Apart from routine medical check-ups for employees, they also pay social insurance. An increase in social insurance coverage would boost employee morale and enhance their productivity. The social protection floor means each member of the society will be protected in terms of healthcare, and basic income security for children, and for people who are in active age but are unable to earn sufficiently, and the elderly.

Vietnam has set a target of having 50 per cent of its workforce (across all industries) covered by social insurance by 2020. Nearly three million old-aged people now have pensions.