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Calvin Klein rated as the most trustworthy brand


An iconic American brand, Calvin Klein has been rated as the most trustworthy fashion brand in the new Data Trust Index by Luxury Institute and DataLucent. The index measures the level of trust th

at digital consumers have in licensing their digital platform data and other personal data, to mass, premium and luxury brands in exchange for rewards and benefits.

French luxury market leader Louis Vuitton was ranked a very strong second. Banana Republic, a division of Gap Inc., was ranked third in a field of 24 well-known fashion brands (list at end of article). Six out of the top ten brands rated as being the most trustworthy with data were luxury brands. (In a similar study by the Luxury Institute and DataLucent, Macy’s topped a list of 12 large, multi-brand retailers in data trustworthiness.)

The survey was based on a nationally representative sample of 1,008 consumers ages 18-49, with a minimum income of $75,000 (total sample average income of $200,000), with 54 per cent male and 48 per cent female participation.

Around 83 per cent of all responders, including 89 per cent male and 78 per cent female said, they are willing to license their digital platform data, under their control, to brands they trust to use to serve their needs, and the needs of other consumers, in a personalized way.