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Isko acquires Itema’s new rapier machine to reduce waste production


Isko has acquired Itema’s latest rapier machine, a groundbreaking innovation enhanced by the iSAVER® technology to ensure a sustainable future for the denim industry. As per a Textile World report, the rapier machine helps reduce waste production and energy use, while optimizing the fabrics’ hand-feel, aesthetic, and performance.

The new rapier machines are enhanced by the iSAVER® technology, a breakthrough mechatronic innovation that eliminates the waste selvedge on the left side of the fabric, allowing for saving in energy and raw materials, cutting in half the cotton waste that typically results from the weft yarn. All types of Isko’s innovative fabrics, with a multitude of different constructions and fiber mixtures, can now be produced using these advanced weaving technologies, with a special focus given to the R-Two™ technology in terms of its sustainable credentials.

These innovations help advance our sustainable strategy even more, says FatihKonukoğlu, CEO, Isko. Our collaboration with Itema creates a common ground of excellence that will certainly benefit the whole denim world, he adds.


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