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Maersk Line discontinues ME5 garment retailers suffer

Designer and founder of London Denim, Simon King has teamed up with two county manufacturers to redesign the functional T-shirt. King is working with Simon Cook, of Discovery Knitting, and Ben de Zille Butler, of Zero One Nine, which owns the Sweater Shop brand, to create a new eco-friendly and high quality T-shirt, dubbed the Intelligent Design T.

King stated he wants to create a T-shirt, aimed at men, which is eco-friendly, organic, ethical and gives men an opportunity to refresh their wardrobe. He adds that this attempt goes beyond re-designing of the basic T-shirt because of the fundamental differences in production of this T-shirt and ethos behind the design.

The new T-shirt is made from two pieces of fabric, which are held together with one stitch, and can be personalised. Besides, the making of this T-shirt is local to Europe, unlike some other garments in this category, King explained. Turkey is the place from where organic cotton is sourced, then transported to Portugal where it is spun into their thread. This, then goes to Discovery Knitting in South Wigston, where it is transformed into their T-shirt jersey and then to Zero One Nine in Thurmaston, where it's made, King further explained.

A funding campaign has also been launched to raise £10,000 to produce the T-shirt. The drive has been launched on the Kickstarter global crowdfunding website. Butler, said that though theirs is predominately a knitwear company, they also work on leisure wear and like developing new things. Cook and Butler, both said they wanted to work on the project with King as they aim to support British manufacturing and businesses.