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Rising polyester demand opens great opportunities for Indonesia


Data from Bridge Market Research suggests, polyester market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.7 per cent from 2022-29. Global polyester use opens up great opportunities for local Indonesian market to participate in the development and use of the material. As per an Indo Textiles report, the Indonesian textile industry currently uses polyester for various finished products such as printed futsal jersey that is made by combining polyester with nylon and spandex.

As polyester is hydrophobic and dries quickly, it is highly resistant to molding and wrinkling. Compared to other textile materials like cotton, polyester is also more resistant to AUS (Abrasion Resistant Steel). Additionally, polyester retains its shape even in bad weather and can be used as hollow fibers. This enables it to be used in the manufacturing of convection uniforms.


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