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Sri Lanka invites Italian investors

Sri Lanka and Italy are strengthening bilateral ties.The two countries have maintained excellent relations over the years.

Sri Lankans working in Italy are required to make a pension contribution amounting to around nine per cent of their salary. They qualify for a pension after working for 20 years. However many workers do not get to enjoy this benefit as most of them work only for a few years in the country.

Sri Lanka wants Italy to adjust this scheme so that a person would receive his contribution immediately upon relinquishing his employment in Italy, irrespective of the number of years worked. The Sri Lankan community in Italy presently comprises around 1,20,000 residing in different parts of the country.

Italy has been offered skilled workers especially IT professionals, nurses, and healthcare supporters as Sri Lanka provides special certifications and training in these areas.

Italy as a member of the European Union worked toward lifting the ban on fisheries exports of Sri Lanka to the EU in 2016 and restoration of the GSP Plus facility to Sri Lanka in May 2017.

Italy has been encouraged to set up operations in Sri Lanka for sectors such as textile and apparel, leather footwear, confectioneries, gem and jewelry and food processing.