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The 127th Canton Fair promotes international trade development


The recently concluded 127th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) promoted the development of international trade amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The event attracted over 25,000 exhibitors leveraged a wide array of display options, including graphics, video and 3D, to showcase their wares, in tandem with the presentation of a number of global debuts and smart products. Buyers from around the world, after visiting the exhibition hall, started conversations with sellers on the spot about potential orders or booked appointments to initiate a negotiation.

The live stream showroom launched at the fair provided exhibitors with additional opportunities to engage in enhanced interactive experiences with business partners. Exhibitors applied customized live stream solutions to present and highlight their competitiveness, for example, creating a virtual reality showroom or displaying a factory's automated production line. Exhibitors had the option of scheduling their live stream based on the client's time zone, allowing for the optimization of the experience no matter whether the client originated from the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East or Africa.