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ITAMMA organises fifth webinar with Heavy Industries Ministry


The Indian Textile Accessories & Machinery Manufacturers’ Association (ITAMMA) organised its fifth webinar in collaboration with the Ministry of Heavy Industry on January 29, 2024. 

Moderated by Shangrila A. Sharma, the webinar was inaugurated by ND Mhatre, Director General (Tech), ITAMMA, who welcomed the speakers and attendees, setting the stage for a symphony of knowledge and vision.

Diverse voices resonated through the digital forum, each painting a vivid portrait of technological evolution and entrepreneurial spirit. Anil Yadav, Technical, Marketing & Development, Moksha Thermoplastics, presented a discourse on the journey from ancient wooden bobbins to engineered marvels, epitomising the relentless pursuit of excellence within the textile capital goods realm.

Manan Shah, Managing Director, Embee Corporation showcased a paradigm shift towards sustainability and efficiency. Through the lens of laser technology, he unveiled a tapestry where environmental consciousness intertwined seamlessly with customer satisfaction, revolutionizing the domain of textile machinery.

Meanwhile, Mehul Goswami, Director/Digital Business Enabler, India, traversed the corridors of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visionary Digital India initiative. With statistics painting a picture of widespread digital integration, he championed the transformative power of smart data and collaboration, heralding a new era of connectivity and insight.

As the discourse delved deeper, Mhatre beckoned industrialists towards a horizon brimming with possibilities. With a nod to public-private partnerships and initiatives like Vocal for Local, he underscored the collective commitment towards self-reliance and innovation, casting ITAMMA as a catalyst for progress and prosperity.



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